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  • The Sarajevo Assassination is an incident that left an indelible mark on the history of Sarajevo.

    During this tour you’ll come to learn about the reasons for the First World War, the political climate in Europe leading up to 1914 and how the Sarajevo Assassination changed the course of world history.

    You’ll visit major objects built during the period of Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina, receive important information on the influence Austro-Hungary had on the development of BiH and you’ll have an opportunity to discuss the far-reaching consequences that the assassination had on the entire world.

    Find out what happened to members of the organization, Mlada Bosna (Young Bosnia), and how the assassin – Gavrilo Princip – is viewed today.

    Note: There must be at least two individuals for the tour to be given and reservations are required 24 hours in advance. The cost of the tour includes admission to the Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918.

    Recommendation: wear comfortable shoes and bring along some water and a camera.

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