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  • The Easy Rent Team specializes in providing services to help organize transport, whether for touristic visits or business trips, to all destinations within Sarajevo, BiH and the region, as well as beyond.

    Easy Rent has the experience and know-how in working with tourists, especially in organizing welcomes, transport, VIP transport, reserving accommodation and making other arrangements; as well as tours for visitors, such as day trips or longer stays. The team includes professional staff, drivers and guides who provide technical and logistical support while making sure that visitors have a pleasant stay in Sarajevo, BiH and the region.

    Easy Rent offers rent-a-car services, with a wide range of cars, luxury vehicles and vans. It is possible to rent a vehicle with or without a driver.

    The list of clients who have been satisfied with Easy Rent’s services include renowned companies and institutions, such as the Turkish Embassy, American Embassy, Austrian Embassy and German Embassy; Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, WYG, Atlantic Initiative, Samsung, Zara, Roche, CGGC and many others.

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