Sarajevo has some of the cheapest taxi rates in Europe and several private taxi companies operate in the city 24 hours a day.


Taxi stands are clearly marked and the starting fare is 1.90 KM. All vehicles use a taxi meter and the driver will issue a receipt upon request.

The regular rate per kilometer is 1.20 KM, and it is possible to negotiate a rate with the driver in advance for distances longer than 25 kilometers.

All legitimate taxis are required to have a “TAXI” sign on top and license plates with “TA” on them. Taxi fares can only be paid in cash and 1 KM is charged for each piece of baggage.

Taxi fares can vary, depending on traffic, but they should not be much higher than the following:

  • Airport – Baščaršija: 17-20 KM
  • Airport – Ilidža: 6-8 KM
  • Sarajevo Train/Bus Station – Baščaršija: 6-8 KM
  • East Sarajevo Bus Station – Baščaršija: 17-20 KM
  • Sarajevo – Igman/Bjelašnica: cca 60 KM
  • Sarajevo – Jahorina: cca 60 KM
  • Baščaršija – Trebević: 14-16 KM