Sanel Brajlović

Sarajevans are kind and good hosts!

Those who know Sanel Brajlović and his passion for preparing food affectionately call him “The Bosnian King of Meat” or “The BiH Nusret,” after the world-famous Turkish chef.


His father, Sead “Sejo” Brajlović, one of Sarajevo’s colorful businessmen, started a restaurant in Ilidža long ago, and they’ll be opening a new one in Baščaršija.

It’s interesting to note that the Brajlović family has been in hospitality since 1945, when they started the first aščinica in Ustikolina, a town in East Bosnia. There, next to the Drina River, they have an overnight facility with a pool, vineyards, and a ranch with cows, which is where they grow vegetables for their restaurant.

- We produce white wine (Žilavka) and red (Stara Džemija), named after the ferry that took people across the Drina more than a 100 years ago, before there was a bridge.

Guests can go rafting and fishing, visit the mineral spring and sand pyramids…. Turhan Emi Bey’s Mosque (1448), the oldest mosque in BiH, is located here; there’s an Orthodox church from the 15th century….

Family tradition

- We’ve been doing this for generations, and I hope that my son will carry on the tradition. My brother and I are following in the footsteps of our great grandfather, grandfather and father, and my mother and wife make the restaurant’s cakes.

Sanel has taken it upon himself to popularize BiH cooking, so he can be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, guiding followers on how to prepare delicious meals.

- People are interested in how to prepare meals, whether I’m in the kitchen, or after hunting in my camo clothing, I pick mushrooms in the forest and grill them on rocks from the Drina.

He thinks that BiH citizens know very little about their own country, which is full of natural beauty.

He adds that Baščaršija is known for its ćevapi and pita, so they plan to add to the rich offering in the heart of Sarajevo’s old town by opening the new restaurant.

- Many people from the city visit us in Ilidža, so we’ve decided to move closer to them with a restaurant on Bravadžiluk St. The menu will have lamb, veal, steaks, grilled items….

Sanel says that Sarajevans are specific people, they’re kind and good hosts, and the city itself, where East meets West, is full of an interesting, centuries-old history.

- This is where WWI started, the WOG and EYOF were held here…. I recommend visiting Baščaršija, Vijećnica, Vječna Vatra, the National and Historical Museums….

FLY Yoga

Sanel loves sports and he’s especially proud of his wife Inesa, who runs the FLY Yoga Studio, where she has popularized levitating yoga. Sometimes he goes with her to the forest, where they meditate on its “canvas.”

Sanel says that one should definitely visit Ilidža, a settlement that is developing quickly and is known for Roman relics, Vrelo Bosne, the nearby Bjelašnica and Igman – air spa that athletes visit for training.

- I hope the Formula E will finally be realized as planned and that our mountains will host various international cups.