Sulejmen Hrgić


Sarajevo’s youngest coppersmith, skateboarder Sulejmen Hrgić, always discovers new techniques and motifs while experimenting with traditional and new craft methods in his shop on lively Kovači St.


He’s been fascinated by artisan products ever since childhood, and, while at primary school, he was an apprentice to coppersmith Nasir Jabučar, and then opened his own shop in 2016.

- Handicrafts are priceless, and, no matter how hard it is to master a trade, you come to love it so much because it gives you a chance to constantly learn. The other day I managed to create purple copper, a discovery that thrilled me, giving me the freedom to put my own stamp on various materials.

3D sculptures, tables, lamps

He is happiest to take creative orders for 3D sculptures, tables, lamps….

- I’ve done lots of awards for skating and BMX contests, I take plenty of orders from abroad…. People find the fusion of extreme sports and traditional crafts unusual, but it’s skateboarding, good music, graffiti, a walk around Skakavac…that inspire me.

As a fan of rock and the blues, he attends gigs at Underground and AG, and loves sevdalinka.

- Sevdah Art House is one of the prettiest places to enjoy Bosnian coffee. Sevdah is such a part of my heart that I even called my old team the Sevdah Skate Team.

While skateboarding is included in the Summer Olympics, he’s sorry that young BiH skaters get no government support.

- We are constantly bringing skating teams to Sarajevo, because the whole city is like a skate park, from Ilidža to the city streets and the bob sled track (for the most advanced). There are so many unutilized sports fields in town, and our little skate park in Hastahana is always full, which shows young people's interest in this sport.

Having snowboarded for years, he is glad international boarders are keen to take part in contests on Igman and Bjelašnica, the perfect mountains for this sport.

He says visitors should have a fine lunch at Dženita Aščinica, Bosna Buregdžinica and Barhana; go for some boza and cakes at Demirović and Sarajbosna, and brandy at Kod Rake.

- Kovači St. is abuzz with interesting places, like Ministry of Ćejf, a cafe that does its own roasting and serves some of the best world coffees.

Skate park

He often stops by to see modern art exhibits at GSU Brodac, and socializes at Boardroom.

Sulejmen sees Sarajevo as a defiant city, which he describes in one word – love, and he suggests that everyone get to know it better with the guides at Art and Tours, an agency that offers visitors special urban tours, teaches them about graffiti, the secrets of the old trades….

- The ideal location for a real skate park in nature would be under the bridge at Dariva, where there is enough space to make walls for film screenings and for artists to paint murals, which would definitely enhance the tourism offering. I’m also hoping for an open air concert theater, maybe on Trebević.