Luke Edward Kasitz

Sarajevo is my heavenly garden

Landscape architect Luke Edward Kasitz, who moved from his hometown of Philadelphia to Sarajevo in 2009, is co-founder of GreenStyle Solutions, a company that does design projects and works on the layout and upkeep of green spaces.


After his studies, Luke wanted to use his knowledge to develop a less developed community, and, having read about BiH, he first visited in 2007.

- At that time, I visited Mostar, Goražde and Sarajevo, which was love at first sight, and I moved here two years later, feeling that I could live here for a long time.

Numerous projects

He first volunteered for Mozaik Foundation, then founded MOBA, an NGO promoting social responsibility; and then he started Irget Pejzaž, a landscape design company, in 2015.

- In 2016, I opened GreenStyle Solutions (with the slogan, Your Greenery, Your Lifestyle) with my colleague Admir Turkušić, an architectural engineer. Besides our many projects, we are really looking forward to fixing up the Botanical Garden at the National Museum.

Luke sees many possibilities for green walls, roofs and energy efficient solutions in Sarajevo. One day, he would love to have a hand in creating the loveliest park in the country.

- People spend time in shopping centers because there aren't any real parks with organic features.

He refers to Sarajevo as his “heavenly garden,” which is in need of cleaning and weeding.

- This city is neglected, just like many gardens, but through community work, effort and some investment, it will again show its tenderness and beauty, and will shine in all its splendor. Beauty changes and inspires man to do more beautiful things.

He’s made many friends in Sarajevo, who have supported him in good times and in bad.

- I introduce visiting friends to Sarajevans, and take them on walks along Wilson’s Promenade, Aleja Lipa and Obala Maka Dizdara. I show them the city’s symbols - the old Olympic Museum building, the Jewish Cemetery, Goat Bridge….

Diners and brunch

Luke often goes to Arči in Dolac Malta, for paprikaš and pizza at Barhana, and drops by Imaret Bakery after midnight. He misses American diners and brunch, as well as food fests-cultural events. He has coffee at Vrt in Grbavica, and loves the cheesecake at Kod Broja 1 on Zlatarska.

He often enjoys a beer during DJ shows at Boardroom, and loves to dance at City Pub.

- I love dances that bring people together, so I’m learning to tango at Aster Dance Club, and I think Bosnian is a romantic and charming language.

He enjoys going to friends’ weekend homes in Trnovo and on Trebević, and outings to Bihać and Lukomir; he’s glad Via Dinarica is coming along, and he runs in the Sarajevo Half Marathon.

- Zvekirs, BiH carpets and items by Bosnian Kingdom and Udružene are gifts that often delight loved ones.

He’s here to tell everyone that BiH is a gorgeous country, and he closes by saying:

- There’s no reason why Sarajevo can’t be the region’s prettiest city to live in.