Sarah Devisme

Feel ćejf (enjoyment) in Sarajevo

Sarah Devisme, director of Alterural (an association for the promotion and development of rural tourism) was born in Iran and grew up in France, and she says that Sarajevo's charm lies in the fact that members of various faiths live “shoulder to shoulder,” and she describes BiH as a country with wonderful nature and enormous potential for the development of rural tourism.


She dreamt of visiting our city even during the Siege of the 1990s.

- We moved here with our two sons in 2005 because my husband, Gaëtan, works for Caritas of Belgium, and we had our third son here.

Founded in 2009 with help from Caritas of Belgium and BiH, Alterural started in Fojnica and then spread throughout BiH.

Fusion of agriculture and tourism

- Our aim is to fuse agriculture and tourism, map family farms, help them develop, and present their products and authentic lodging to tourists via

Sarah calls Sarajevo a city of greenery and contrasts, where the traditional and modern entwine, and she says everyone should see it from the cable car.

- We love Crepoljsko, Bukovik and the Agroturism Gastro Ranch, for outings. We walk around Umoljani and Jahorina’s Dvorišta in winter, we enjoy Tušila Lodge and hope that Bentbaša, a green oasis, will develop further.

She says the exhibits at the Vijećnica Museum and Svrzo's House, an architectural pearl of a museum, are special.

- The location of the Sarajevo – Meeting of Cultures at Sweet Corner is very important, as it feels like walking back through time. Not many cities in the world have active churches, mosques and synagogues, for Sarajevo is a bridge between East and West, a city of freedom, which is best seen in the festivals MESS and Bookstan.

She likes Safet Zec’s paintings, Aleksandar Hemon’s books and films at Meeting Point, and she recommends taking a stroll past the Music Academy to enjoy the tunes.

Since she lives in a mahala in Kovači, she enjoys the vista from Vidikovac Zmajevac Cafe, and usually chooses Boardroom for an evening of drinks.

- Tourists should try Bosnian food at Kibe Mahala, which is decorated with works of art by skilled artisans. I love ravioli, tarhana and ružica for dessert, and I recommend Cordoba and Sushi San for those who love world cuisine.

Appealing outings

- We'd like guests to extend their stay in BiH by visiting areas like Kreševo (a small town with tons of caves and minerals), the farms around Prokoško Lake and Šadrvan in the village of Ravne, the medieval town of Bobovac..., to buy Travnik and Livanj cheeses, jams, Nuić wines....

She says all visitors should feel ćejf (enjoyment), the easy-going way of life that is part of the mentality here, and, before leaving Sarajevo:

- Take some great gifts from Baščaršija, from Bazerdžan, Art For You Gallery and from Wool Fabric (BBI Center), which sells woolen items, and then stop by Špajz and Kuća Zdrave Hrane for local specialties.