Emir Višća

The best things to take from Sarajevo - its spirit and beautiful memories!

Head of Promotion, Sale and Support in BH Telecom, Mr. Emir Višća, describes Sarajevo as a city of ideal size, relaxing rhythm, gorgeous nature, delicious food, hospitable and pleasant people…


- This is a city full of love, ready to accept anyone without any prejudices, a city that gets close to one’s heart making you come back to it over and over again.

When asked as to his favorite part of Sarajevo, he answered:

- Baščaršija, as the main tourist attraction of the city. I enjoy its features like Bazar, Clock Tower, craft shops, Morića Han and Kolobara Han... This is also a gastronomic center of Sarajevo with most famous traditional restaurants - aščinica, buregdžinica, ćevabdžinica... A must-see is also the Baščaršija square with Sebilj, one of the symbols of Sarajevo.

In addition to Baščaršija, he suggests visitors take a tour around major religious facilities and museums, plus another attraction – cable car ride offering a magical view of Sarajevo and its landmarks.

He further suggests visiting cultural institutions and events:

- There are many things to visit in Sarajevo: Historical Museum, War Childhood Museum, Olympic Museum, Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918, Gazi Husrev Bey’s Museum, Alija Izetbegović Museum, Museum of Literature and Theatre Arts, Jewish Museum, Museum of Old Orthodox Church, Art House of Sevdah, Art Gallery of BiH, Roman Petrović Gallery and Mersad Berber Gallery. As for cultural events, must-sees are: Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo Winter, MESS International Theatre Festival, Jazz Fest Sarajevo and Baščaršija Nights.


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His favorite spots are also restaurants - Park prinčeva, Golf Club Sarajevo, Kibe Mahala, Avlija, Imidž, Four rooms of Mrs. Safija, Brus, Toplik, Prava priča, as ideal after-work peaceful locations and ideal spots for socializing with friends and family.

However, Emir Višća finds that the most beautiful things every visitor takes from Sarajevo are its spirit and beautiful memories. As for the souvenirs, there is Sarajevo Cube, as well as unique craft products at Baščaršija.

He concluded our conversation by describing Sarajevo in a single sentence:

- This is a city telling its own story and accepting everyone willing to share it.