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  • The Sarajevska Pivara Museum is located in the area around the Sarajevo Brewery, which was founded in 1864 by the Viennese industrialist, Heinrich Levi, as the first industrial enterprise in BiH and the first brewery in what was still the Ottoman Empire.

    The museum’s displays feature many interesting items that have been collected over the more than 150 years since the factory first started working.

    Visitors can see old bottles of beer, various labels and logos, containers that were used for storing the beer, as well as for drinking it, and many other interesting items related to Sarajevska Pivara under the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Socialist Yugoslavia.

    The museum is equipped with NFC technology, which provides visitors with a full experience by allowing them to use their smart phones to find out more about each of the items on display.

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    Ticket price 5 KM
    Ticket price including one beer or non-alcoholic beverage and complete meal at Pivnica HS 25 KM
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