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  • The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina (UG BiH) is the most important gallery-institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Founded in 1946, its initial core collection consisted of 600 pieces which belonged to the Gallery of the National Museum of BiH.


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    Since 1953, the gallery has been housed in the same building, which was most likely designed by the famous Josip Vancaš in 1912. Up until then it had been used as a department store that was owned by the Jewish merchants, Ješua and Mojca Salom. The Gallery opened to the public in 1959, with the installation of its first permanent exhibit.

    The UG BiH's collection currently contains more than 6,000 works which can be divided into several collections: the BiH Art Collection, the Ferdinand Hodler Collection, the Icon Collection, the Yugoslav Art Collection, the International Donations Collection, the Photography and New Media Collection and the "NADA" ("HOPE") Art Archive.

    The Gallery also works on documentation and has a library, plus departments for restoration and carpentry; a goldsmith's workshop, a photo studio and archive, as well as a department that is involved in pedagogical work.

    Since its founding, the Gallery has hosted over 900 exhibitions and was even in operation during the war (1992 to 1995), when it organized 42 exhibitions.

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