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  • The Orthodox Metropolitanate mansion was built in 1899 as a residential-commercial complex next to the Congregational Church of the Holy Mother. It makes use of Serbian-Byzantine and Neo-Romantic styles and was designed by architect Rudolf Tönnies.

    After the devastating fire of August 8, 1879, which destroyed about 900 objects on 36 streets in the center of Sarajevo, Austro-Hungarian authorities sped up construction around the Congregational Church of the Holy Mother.

    This part of town was considered the urban “heart” of Sarajevo, which would come to be dominated by European Pseudo-Classical architecture. A new, modern street was laid out in the center, and, over the next few years, many buildings were built around it. The street was named Rudolfova (now Štrosmajerova), in honor of Crown Prince Rudolf Franz Karl Josip, son of Franz Josip I.

    The Metropolitanate Mansion built right on the corner of what is now Štrosmajerova Street and Zelenih Beretki Street is owned by the Serbian Orthodox Church Municipality, and serves as the residence for the Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosna.

    This mansion, along with all of its contents, was listed as a National Monument of BiH in 2006.

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