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  • Štrosmajerova Street runs north-south, from Zelenih Beretki St. to the spot where Ferhadija St. and Trg Fra Grge Martića meet in front of the Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart. 

    The street was laid out during the Austro-Hungarian period at the end of the 19th century, with the aim of making this part of Sarajevo the city’s “urban heart”. In those days, it was called Rudolfova St., in honor of Archduke Rudolf Franz Karl Joseph, the son of Emperor Franz Joseph I.

    The life of this heir-apparent, who was very liberal in his views, was tragically cut short at 31 years by events that are veiled in secrecy. The offi cial version of the story is that, since his father had forbidden him to be in a relationship with the 18-year-old Baroness Mary Vetsera, the Archduke killed her and them himself.

    This street has born the name, Štrosmajerova, since 1919, after Joseph George Strossmayer (Feb. 4, 1815-May 8, 1905), the Bishop of the Diocese of Bosnia (Đakovo) and Srijem.

    He was a theologian, politician, cultural worker and writer, as well as an impassioned advocate for the unifi cation of Yugoslavs. He also promoted the construction of the Cathedral in Sarajevo and assisted Catholics and Franciscans in Bosnia and Herzegovina both before and during the occupation of BiH by the Austro-Hungarians in 1878.

    Štrosmajerova is now a walking street and is considered one of Sarajevo’s prettiest streets.