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  • The building for the Officers’ Club, which now houses Dom Oružanih snaga BiH, was built as a one-story complex in 1881. Karl Paržik was in charge of the design for the facility’s expansion in 1912, when another floor was added that could accommodate a large concert hall.

    This edifice was constructed on an empty lot (between Franje Josifa St., now Zelenih Beretki, and the Miljacka River), which contained a small cemetery and had been purchased about a decade earlier by the Austro-Hungarian General Consulate with the intention of having a Catholic church built.

    Ever since it was first opened, this building has played an important role in the cultural life of the city. Sarajevo’s first public concert, which featured performances by military orchestras, was held here in 1881 and, since then, concerts, exhibitions, lectures and other social gatherings have taken place here.

    Concert hall of Dom Oružanih snaga is considered to have the most impressive acoustics of any such structure in Southeastern Europe and the walls are decorated with four enormous oil paintings by the academic painter, Ismet Mujezinović.

    In addition to the concert hall, Dom Oružanih snaga also houses a few smaller halls, offices, a dining hall and an atrium, which also serves as a venue for regular events.

    The Officer’s Club/Dom Oružanih snaga was placed on a list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006.

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