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  • Sarajevo’s newest theater, the Sarajevo War Theater (SARTR), was founded in 1992 during the Siege of Sarajevo, and today it brings together young theater workers who put on new productions every month.

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    The Sarajevo War Theater (SARTR) was founded during the Siege of Sarajevo, on May 17, 1992, upon the initiative of Dubravko Bibanović, Gradimir Gojer, Đorđe Mačkić and Safet Plakalo. SARTR continued with its productions throughout the war and brought together actors and collaborators from Sarajevo's three major theaters, which had stopped working because of the war.

    In 1992, SARTR put on its first theatrical production, Sklonište, which was directed by Dubravko Bibanović. During the Siege, the actors staged 2,000 performances and, since its founding, SARTR has performed over 50 of its own productions for the public. SARTR’s cult play – Ay, Carmela – as directed by Robert Raponja, was performed for the 200th time last month.

    Today SARTR gathers young thespians who stage their new plays at Sarajevo’s Center for Social Activities (CDA). Despite being Sarajevo’s youngest theater, its work is a true testimony to the fact that even under the most difficult conditions, man can salvage his human dignity through culture and art.


  • Venue Facilities
    • Smoking Not Allowed
    • Handicap Accessible
    • Wardrobe
    • Cafe bar
  • Category Price
    Regular Price 8 KM
    Students, Senior Citizens & Group Visits 5 KM
Transportation Info
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Airport: 9.7 km
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Bus Station: 2.8 km
  • Taxi ride from/to the airport: 23 min/15 KM
  • Nearest public transport station: Trolley station Alipašina-400 m