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  • Kino Bosna (Bosna Cinema), formerly Kino Prvi Maj, is a very important spot on Sarajevo's alternative arts scene. 

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    The building that houses the cinema was built in 1928 and, back then, it was one of only a few movie theaters in town.

    A stage was installed when the cinema hall was being constructed and, in addition to film screenings, this facility has always served as a venue for different kinds of manifestations: plays, concerts, dance evenings....

    After the war in the 1990s, Kino Prvi Maj was renamed Kino Bosna and, in more recent years, it has served less as a cinema and more as a place where interesting arts events, such as music gigs, exhibitions, performances, etc. are held.

  • Venue Facilities
    • Smoking Allowed
    • Snack bar
    • Cafe bar
  • Category Price
    Weekly Film Program Voluntary Contribution
    Kino Kreaktiva's Festival Program 3 KM
    Exhibition And Musical Program 3 - 5 KM
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