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  • National Government Building I was built between 1884 and 1886, and designed by Josip Vancaš. It was the first state administrative building constructed during the period of Austro-Hungarian rule in BiH, and stands as one of the most representative and colossal buildings dating from that time period in Sarajevo.

    Initially, the building had a basement, a ground floor and two more stories. After it was determined that more space was needed, a third floor was added in 1911, as designed by Karl Paržik.

    From 1929 to 1941, it served as the seat of Drina Banovina, and from 1945 to 1963 it served as the seat of the Government of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    After 1963, the building was home to the Presidency of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Executive Council of the Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Today, National Government Building I (the BiH Presidency Building) houses offices belonging to members of the BiH Presidency, BiH Supreme Court Justices, and some other BiH institutions.

    Following the renovation that was carried out to repair damage caused by the war (1992-1995), part of the building was set on fire during the civil protests of February 7, 2014.

    This historical building, along with its tangible heritage, was made a National Monument of BiH in 2008.

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Transportation Info
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Airport: 9.4 km
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Bus Station: 3 km
  • Near BBI Center
  • Taxi ride from/to the airport: 20 min/12 KM
  • Nearest public transport station: Tram Station - Park- 14 m