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  • Koševo runs south to north, from Maršala Tita St. to the intersection with Bolnička and Patriotske Lige.

    A road called Koševa ran along this route back in the Middle Ages and, with time, it was eventually changed to Koševo, which was also the name of a village that sat between what is now Koševo and Alipašina, north of Danijela Ozme.

    During the Ottoman period, Kemal Begova Mahala (quarter) grew out of this village, but locals still used the old name “Koševo.”

    After the 1931 census the street was renamed Kralja Tomislava, after Tomislav I Trpimirović, who ruled Croatia from 910 to 930 and is considered the figure responsible for unifying Croatia’s coastal regions and Pannonia.

    At that time, the street was widened significantly to include part of what is now Patriotske Lige, up to where it joins Nahorevska, as well as the part that passes through Ciglane, over Koševsko Brdo (now Jukićeva) and all the way to Bare Cemetery.

    In 1966 Kralja Tomislava was reduced to its current length and its original name (Koševo) was reinstated in 1994.