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  • Mis Irbina runs from the Sarajevo Canton building and Reisa Džemaludina Čauševića St. (West), to BBI Center and Radićeva St. (East).

    It was developed in the 16th century as a street called Sahtijanuša, which ran along the Sahtijandži Hadži-Mahmud Balije mahala, which was already there.

    That part of town was called Pod Musalom, after the open prayer area (musala) used by muslims, which was nearby.

    From 1914 to 1919, the street was called Cara Viljema, after German Emperor Wilhelm II Hohenzollern, ally to Austro-Hungary in WWI.

    It was named after Adeline Paulina Irby, an English writer and humanitarian, on January 10, 1919.

    Miss Irby deserved such an honor for opening the first girls' school in Sarajevo in 1870. It was here that poor girls and the first local teachers received their education.

    During German-Ustasha occupation (1941-1945), the street bore the name Sandalja Hranića, after the medieval Bosnian leader and commander, Sandalj Hranić Kosača.

    The name, Mis Irbina, was restored after liberation, and has remained the same to this day.