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  • Skenderija is a concrete bridge that was built in 1969 in order to provide smoother traffic flow between the left and right banks of the Miljacka River, especially near Skenderija Center, which was opened the same year. This cultural and sports complex and business center covers an area of 70,000 square meters.

    The facility, as well as the entire neighborhood on the left bank of the Miljacka, is named after Skender Pasha, an Ottoman governor of the Bosnian Sanjak, who had a trading center built here in 1499. It contained 11 shops, a caravanserai, a palace//a palatial residence, a soup kitchen and a tekke.

    In 1518, his son, Mustafa Bey Skenderpašić, erected the first mosque in BiH to have a cupola. It was built next to his father’s tekke, right where Dom Mladih is located today.

    This bridge was badly damaged during the last war, as one of the biggest battles in Sarajevo was fought from here in the spring of 1992.

    A thorough reconstruction of the concrete Skenderija Bridge which connects Obala Kulina Bana and Terezija Street was completed in 2014. 

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