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  • This historical building, Gospođicina House, is a rare example of BiH architecture from the Austro-Hungarian period that has walls painted using the Sgraffito technique.

    What’s more, this residential building is one of the few examples of residences that are something between a villa and a small mansion.

    It was built while the Construction Regulation of 1893 was still in effect. The statute permitted only the construction of single-story residential units that had gardens facing the river (along the left bank of the Miljacka, between Ćumurija Bridge and Skenderija Bridge).

    By 1905, the building had come under the ownership of ddo Sarajevo, and was later bought by Ilija Cvijanović of Sarajevo in 1935. It was nationalized in 1962, but those who stood to inherit the house were able to keep the top floor and the attic apartment.

    The building was heavily damaged during the Siege of Sarajevo (1992-1995).

    In 2002, an addition was made to the adjacent building (on the western side), which dates from the same historical period and is now home to the Greek Embassy.

    Gospođicina (Madame’s) House was made a National Monument of BiH in 2011.

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