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  • Key Room Escape guarantees some excellent fun in two thematic rooms that you get out of by solving a series of riddles and logic puzzles as you follow the clues and strategies that are provided.


    Reservations are compulsory

    The first of the two interesting games is Seth’s Pyramid, which is the first game to be held in a Sarajevo escape room without locks and padlocks. Here, you will be the one to help the Gods of Egypt regain their powers. The second is a horror room, where you explore the mysterious disappearance of a girl from her bedroom. New games are in the works, so be sure to follow the Key Room Escape website and social media profiles in order to keep up.

    This kind of fun is becoming more popular, so it’s possible to reserve a time slot for team building activities and birthday parties, and it’s an ideal place to gather a team (or even a few of them) of two to five members.

    Key Room Escape is located in the center of Sarajevo, on Jezero Street, just a minute’s walk from the Presidency building and the tram stop of the same name, directly opposite the Presidency. Jezero Street can be reached by passing through the park behind the tram stop.

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Transportation Info
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Airport: 9.2 km
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Bus Station: 2.8 km
  • Near BiH Presidency Building
  • Taxi ride from/to the airport: 25 min/13 KM
  • Nearest public transport station: Tram Station Park - 130 m