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  • Mehmeda Spahe is in the center of Sarajevo, and runs parallel to Maršala Tita, from Kaptol St. (east) to Trampina St. (west).

    The Pruščakova-Dalmatinska section was laid during WWI and was completed during the time of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

    It got its first name in 1921, when it was called Sokolska, after Sokol, a society founded to arouse national consciousness among Slavs.

    Sokolska St. had a shorter section (the part that passes between the BiH Central Bank and MUP FBiH) which turned toward Maršala Tita, and is now a separate street named after BiH author and lexicographer, Alija Isaković.

    With occupation in 1941, Sokolska became Ustaška, and a year after liberation on April 6, 1946, it was named after Boriša Kovačević, a liberation war hero.

    It the early 1960s, it absorbed the Dalmatinska-Kaptol section.

    Since 1994, it has been called Mehmeda Spahe, after the reputable lawyer who had a PhD in legal science, served as president of the Yugoslavia Muslim Organization and was the most important Bosniak politician during the interwar period.