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  • Located in the center of town, Fabrika is a gastropub where you can enjoy an excellent assortment of beers, plus a range of food that you could expect to find at a restaurant.

    Those who love beer on tap will find eight different varieties, plus an even wider selection of bottled beers, so you’ll face a dilemma when choosing from among 70+ kinds of bottled beer. If beer is not your thing, there are plenty of other alcoholic drinks and refreshing beverages.

    And food is an absolute must-have when there is a good selection of drinks on offer, so you’ll find tasty specialties on Fabrika’s menu, and you can have an excellent meal any time of day or order a snacks platter to go with a round of drinks.

    This pub is located in one of the passages off of Ferhadija St., the city’s main walking street, and is less than a minute’s walk from the covered market.

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