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  1. Aščinica ASDŽ

    Aščinica ASDŽ


    Ćurčiluk mali 3, Sarajevo | Map

    Aščinica The fresh specialties available at this eatery are a good choice for any meal. More

  2. Aščinica Hadžibajrić F. Namika

    Aščinica Hadžibajrić F. Namika


    Ćurčiluk veliki 59, Sarajevo | Map

    Aščinica This aščinica is the oldest of its kind in Baščaršija. Dishes are still prepared according to traditional recipes, so they’re perfect if you want to enjoy the taste of “home cooking”. More

  3. Barhana


    Mediterranean Restaurant

    Đulagina čikma 8, Sarajevo | Map

    Mediterranean Restaurant At Barhana you can sample delicious international cuisine, especially Italian specialties, such as pasta, lasagna and pizza. More

  4. Bijela Tabija

    Bijela Tabija

    National Restaurant

    Poddžebhana 15, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant If you like a homey atmosphere, peace and quiet and delicious food, then Bijela Tabija will be a fine choice, whether you happen to be passing by after visiting some of the main attractions or coming for a meal. More

  5. Buregdžinica ASDŽ

    Buregdžinica ASDŽ


    Bravadžiluk 28, Sarajevo | Map

    Buregdžinica If you want to try one of the most popular local dishes – pita (pie) – then ASDŽ Buregdžinica is definitely one of the best places to visit. More

  6. Buregdžinica Oklagija

    Buregdžinica Oklagija


    Bravadžiluk 17a, Sarajevo | Map

    Buregdžinica A visit to Sarajevo wouldn’t be complete without trying some traditional Sarajevo pita (pie), which is prepared according to original family recipes at Oklagija Buregdžinica. More

  7. Ćevabdžinica Hodžić

    Ćevabdžinica Hodžić


    Bravadžiluk 34, Sarajevo | Map

    Ćevabdžinica For more than twenty years now, Hodžić Ćevabdžinica has been serving delicious Sarajevo ćevapčići and other traditional grilled dishes. This eatery has been awarded the Golden Dining Crown three times. More

  8. Ćevabdžinica Mrkva

    Ćevabdžinica Mrkva


    Bravadžiluk 13, Sarajevo | Map

    Ćevabdžinica Having a tradition of more than 50 years speaks volumes about the quality of Mrkva Ćevabdžinica, which first opened in Baščaršija in 1963. The ćevapčići are still made according to a family recipe and there are also... More

  9. Ćevabdžinica Petica - Ferhatović

    Ćevabdžinica Petica - Ferhatović


    Oprkanj br. 2, Sarajevo | Map

    Ćevabdžinica Whether you decide on ćevapčići, pljeskavica, sudžukice or some of the other grilled items at Petica Ćevabdžinica, you’ll experience the true aroma and taste of Bosnian specialties. More

  10. Druga Kuća Lora

    Druga Kuća Lora

    International Restaurant

    Kolodvorska 9-11, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant The concept of the establishment, Druga Kuća Lora, is unique in Sarajevo. Here you’ll find an excellent restaurant, cafe bar, wine bar, children’s play area and market all in one place and you’re sure to have som... More