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  1. Dveri


    International Restaurant

    Prote Bakovića 12, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant A pleasant atmosphere and delicious local and international cuisine are reason enough to visit this restaurant in the heart of the Old Town. More

  2. Klopa


    International Restaurant

    Ferhadija 5, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant Klopa is an international restaurant where you will enjoy the excellent klopa (a slang word for delicious food) as much as the pleasant ambience. More

  3. Kod Bibana

    Kod Bibana

    International Restaurant

    Hošin brijeg 43, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant  The main attractions of the restaurant, Kod Bibana, are the fascinating view and excellent food. More

  4. Libertas


    Mediterranean Restaurant

    Logavina 9, Sarajevo | Map

    Mediterranean Restaurant Libertas is the perfect restaurant for Dalmatian fare. The combination of delicious fish and other seafood specialties, along with a selection of fine domestic and international wines, certainly won’t leave you feeling indif... More

  5. Lovac


    International Restaurant

    Petrakijina 24, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant While located in the heart of town, it's still hidden just enough from all the hustle and bustle and also boasts a large garden with wonderful greenery which impresses most everyone. More

  6. Nanina Kuhinja

    Nanina Kuhinja

    National Restaurant

    Kundurdžiluk 35-39, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant Feel the magic of Nanina Kuhinja right in the heart of Baščaršija. More

  7. Nova Bentbaša

    Nova Bentbaša

    National Restaurant

    Bentbaša bb, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant Superb local and international dishes, a pleasant atmosphere and wooden interior are all reasons enough to visit this restaurant, and the view of the renovated Sarajevo beauty – Vijećnica – will simply enhance the enti... More

  8. Pivnica HS

    Pivnica HS

    International Restaurant

    Franjevačka 15, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant History, tradition and quality all in one place – this is the best description for this unique restaurant and brewery. The wide selection of both traditional Bosnian and international dishes are sure to please the most enthu... More

  9. Začin


    International Restaurant

    Tina Ujevića 13, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant Začin is an international restaurant where you can spend pleasant moments in the company of friends, business partners and loved ones, all while enjoying outstanding food. More