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  1. House of Spite

    House of Spite

    National Restaurant

    Veliki Alifakovac 1, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant Bosnian food in a landmark setting. More

  2. iChicken


    International Restaurant, Fast food / Snack bar

    Harisa Merzića 3, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant, Fast food / Snack bar The restaurant, iChicken, is an excellent choice for those who are looking for chicken specialties and, if you’re in a hurry, you’ll also find sandwiches, hamburgers and other types of fast food on our menu. iChicken i... More

  3. Imidž-T


    National Restaurant

    Krč 2, Semizovac | Map

    National Restaurant The rich selection of national foods, fine service, natural surroundings and pleasant ambience are all reasons to visit Imidž-T Restaurant. More

  4. Jasmin


    International Restaurant

    Sagrždije 5-7, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant Jasmin is a restaurant and cafe-sweet shop that prepares a whole range of national and international specialities and has a large selection of sweets. More

  5. Kibe Mahala

    Kibe Mahala

    National Restaurant

    Vrbanjuša 164, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant Offering stunning panoramic views on Sarajevo, Kibe Mahala offers a selection of the finest Bosnian national dishes, whereof the famous spit-roasted lamb, and a wide assortment of wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. More

  6. Kineski Zid (Great Wall)

    Kineski Zid (Great Wall)

    International Restaurant

    Aleja Bosne Srebrene 207, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant Kineski Zid (Great Wall) is a restaurant that offers tons of Asian specialties prepared by top professional chefs who hail mostly from China. More

  7. Kod Keme

    Kod Keme

    National Restaurant

    Đulagina 12, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant If you'd like to try Sarajevo Sahan, dolma or a traditional Bosnian meal, then the restaurant, Kod Keme, with its 40-plus year tradition, is just the place for you. More

  8. Lovački Dom Kod Majmuna

    Lovački Dom Kod Majmuna

    National Restaurant, International Restaurant

    Nahorevo 10, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant, International Restaurant Lovački Dom Restaurant, better known as “Kod Majmuna,” is a real sanctuary for those who want to get away from the noise of town. Here, amidst natural surroundings, you will spend some pleasant moments in the company o... More

  9. Luka Sarajevo

    Luka Sarajevo

    Mediterranean Restaurant

    Obala Maka Dizdara 8, Sarajevo | Map

    Mediterranean Restaurant Imagine that ships are able to dock along the Miljacka, there are palm trees and you can visit a restaurant and try some Mediterranean specialties with a glass of fine wine. Luka Sarajevo really is a hint of the Mediterranean in S... More

  10. Maison Coco

    Maison Coco


    Kranjčevićeva 4a, Sarajevo | Map

    Bakery Opened since 2012. this bakery is a unique place in Sarajevo. Treat yourself to original sourdough bread, French pastries and tasty sandwiches. More

  11. Mala kuhinja

    Mala kuhinja

    International Restaurant, Vegetarian Restaurant

    Tina Ujevića 13, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant, Vegetarian Restaurant This unique restaurant is situated just above green oasis in the center of the town called Veliki park. It has “an open kitchen” that provides the guest with a direct way of communicating with the chef and features con... More

  12. Mama Burgers

    Mama Burgers

    Fast food / Snack bar

    Vrbanja 1 (Sarajevo City Center), Sarajevo | Map

    Fast food / Snack bar Mama Burgers is “a company that specializes in the production of delicious burgers” – it’s where you’ll have an excellent burger and then probably ask for another portion! More

  13. Maroko


    National Restaurant, International Restaurant

    Vladislava Skarića 3, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant, International Restaurant Those who love an oriental ambiance are sure to enjoy the restaurant, Maroko (Morocco). Taking up three levels that feature themes related to Casablanca, Marrakech and Fes, this restaurant offers a wide variety of oriental, French... More

  14. Mlinar Marijin Dvor

    Mlinar Marijin Dvor


    Maršala Tita 3, Sarajevo | Map

    Bakery Mlinar is a well known bakery chain and every day it offers visitors a wide assortment of sweet and savory baked goods. More

  15. Mlinar Vječna vatra

    Mlinar Vječna vatra


    Maršala Tita 60, Sarajevo | Map

    Bakery Mlinar is a well known bakery chain and every day it offers visitors a wide assortment of sweet and savory baked goods. More