Iftar meals delivery in Sarajevo

See where you can order the iftar menu in Sarajevo with option of home delivery. Many caterers in Sarajevo have done their best to provide a wide selection of meals and home delivery for the meal that ends the day’s fast, despite the problems caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Updated: 2020/04/24

The atmosphere in Sarajevo is always special during the month of Ramadan when many citizens perform their religious duties, fasting from dawn (sabah) to dusk (akšam), and gather for prayers and Ramadan muqabalas (communal recitations of the Qur'an). Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all public gatherings are banned, and customs will have to be adapted to the current situation.

Iftar, the meal that ends the day’s fast, is a significant part of the Muslim culture, and joint iftars and gatherings until suhoor (the meal before the fast) will be restricted to the close relatives this year.

A Sarajevo Ramadan Spread is always rich and varied, so are the iftar menus that you can order from Sarajevo restaurants, and some bakeries have also made it possible to deliver somuns (traditional flat bread) to the address. Do not forget the traditional Bosnian sweets, which are an indispensable part of any iftar meal, which you can also order at your home address.

We recommend ordering iftar meals on time, in the morning or even one day early to ensure that you receive your order on time.

Find the restaurants that offer iftar meals delivery below:

Agroturizam Gastro Ranch
Contact for orders: 062 877 877

Amerikanac Restaurant
Contact for orders: 033 210 494 / 061 262 334

Aščinica ASDŽ
Contact for orders: 033 238 500 / 062 376 007

Baklava dućan
Contact for orders: 061 260 450

Beehive BBQ Pub
Contact for orders: 033 873 241 / 061 368 119

Čaršija Restaurant
Contact for orders: 062 416 507

Fit Bar Point
Contact for orders: 033 204 344

Hotel Europe
Contact for orders: 033 580 400 / 033 288 200

Londoner Pub
Contact for orders: 033 873 241 / 061 368 119

Maroko Restaurant
Contact for orders: 033 232 428

Milkman House
Contact for orders: 033 811 217

Mrvica Cafe Pekara
Contact for orders: 062 347 444

Revolucija 1764
Contact for orders: 033 203 600

Reuff Restaurant & Cafe
Contact for orders: 033 545 534

Slatko i Slano
Contact for orders: 033 255 552

Sarajevo somun is an indispensable part of every iftar, and the Poričanin bakery provided the delivery of somuns to the address. The minimum order amount is 10 KM, and you need to place your order early in the morning or the day before and arrange delivery time. Read our story about the centuries-old tradition of the Sarajevo bakery Poričanin.

We will be updating the list regularly so you can find all the iftar deals in one place. If you know a restaurant that delivers iftar meals, send us a private message on Destination Sarajevo Facebook and Instagram pages.

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