Ramadan lends a special atmosphere to Sarajevo – the cannon blast is heard and the lights of minarets are lit at the close of the day’s fast, which is broken with dates and lemonade, and the first dish found on most tables of those fasting is topa.


It is believed that topa takes its name from the way it is prepared, since the ingredients slowly melt (tope) over a low flame.

There is no single recipe for this easy, delicious and rich dish, so recipes vary from home to home.

The most common recipe calls for home-made sour cream or kaymak, Travnik sheep cheese and eggs to be melted together with hot butter.

Others use butter oil and various cheeses (young, firm, smoked…).

Topa is made right before iftar, so that it’s warm, and it is served with hot somun that is sprinkled with black cumin seeds. The bread is then broken by hand and dipped in the topa.

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