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  • Feel the magic of Nanina Kuhinja right in the heart of Baščaršija.

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    Accepting Reservations

    Type of Cuisine:
    • National
    Type of Menu:
    • A la carte
    • Buffet
    Meals Served:
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Late Dinner
    Serving Alcohol:


    Drinks Served:
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Juice Drinks
    • Soft Drinks
    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Spirits


    The old Bosnian kingdom maintained trading ties with the Mediterranean through the Republic of Dubrovnik and it was in this way that Bosnia acquired its unique culinary traditions. With the coming of the Ottoman Empire and then the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, this region was known for having its own special cuisine, which is still nurtured in this restaurant. Sarajevski sahan, klepe, spinach pie, okra, sarma, tufahija and baklava have found a place on a menu that is the result of much time and effort. An experienced eye need only cast a glance at the interior to see that everything here has been well thought out.

    Enjoy gourmet items that feature in our traditional cuisine, as well as authentic aromas and flavors, along with some domestic brandy and Bosnian-Herzegovinian wines.

  • Venue Facilities
    • Catering Available
    • Takeaways Available
    • Halal Food Certificate Available
    • Outdoor Seating Available
    • Outdoor Seating Available Only in Summer
    • Smoking Not Allowed
    • Handicap Accessible
    • Available for Weddings/Receptions
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Transportation Info
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Airport: 10.3 km
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Bus Station: 4.1 km
  • Near Brusa Bezistan
  • Taxi ride from/to the airport: 21 min/12 KM
  • Nearest public transport station: Tram station Latinska ćuprija-220 m