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17.08.17 / 22:00
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Hamdija Salihbegović, Nedžad Merdžanović, Ahmo Osmić and Bojan Crnogorac are current members and you can enjoy their rich repertoire at the concert set for April 8 at Underground.

The Sarajevo rock band, Konvoj, was founded in 1988. That year they took first prize at the then-popular music festival, Nove Nade, Nove Snage, and the award was to have their album recorded.

They were recording this first album in the early ‘90s, but the outbreak of war delayed its release and they stopped working temporarily.

The founding members of the band were Hamdija Salihbegović, Muamer Đozo, Mirsad Krupalija and Davor Ebner, but there have been other members: Nedeljko Čalija, Alen Ekmečić, Adnan Šaran, Feđa Štukan, Damir Arslanagić….

The band started playing again in 1993, with Samir Bajraktarević and Nedžad Merdžanović. As there was no electricity in besieged Sarajevo, they played their first concert “unplugged” to a large audience.

Their first album finally came out in 1995 and so far they have put out five albums and given hundreds of concerts.

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