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Sarajevo Ramadan Festival

Festival, Event

until 25.06.17 / 10:00
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Sarajevo Ramadan Festival is happening during the month of Ramadan. The aim of the festival, which will last from May 26th to June 25th 2017, is to present the beautiful traditions of Ramadan and the richness of Islamic art and culture.

Žuta (Jekovačka) Tabija is the central location for the festival. During Ramadan, a cannon is fired at maghrib (sunset) from this spot to show the time of iftar, the breaking of the fast, which lasts from sunrise to sunset.

The Sarajevo Ramadan Festival was created by the Sarajevo Navigator Foundation and the Zone of Improved Business (ZUP) Baščaršija in order to enhance the tourist offering of Destination Sarajevo.