Erol Mujanović

A half-marathon through the prettiest parts of Sarajevo

Erol Mujanović, director and co-founder of Marathon Sarajevo, is active in the fields of sports, economic development and youth employment.

He is proud that on September 17 his association will be organizing the international Coca-Cola Half-Marathon for the eleventh time. This event grew from the enthusiasm of a few people to become a massive sporting event.

- Whatever work I do, my aim is to encourage people to develop their skills and positive thinking, because a healthy mind lies within a healthy body. People of all ages participate in our events, which shows that a man is as young as he feels.

This year’s participants will receive a gift pack and a voucher for a sapling, part of the Let’s Do It tree planting action, as well as medals that depict the Sarajevo bridges encountered along the route. Sandin Međedović, creator of the popular Molimao brand, is behind the designs.

- The route will pass through the prettiest parts of town, like Baščaršija and Wilson’s Promenade, and the race is for a noble cause: to help kids who are in dire straits.

Erol says visitors should come to Sarajevo between spring and autumn, when nature shows its beauty and the city has a special glow.

- It is a special experience to walk to Vrelo Bosne, Dariva or along Wilson’s Promenade, which leads to my favorite institution, the National Museum of BiH. I go to the museum’s botanical garden to recharge my batteries.

While he is a vegetarian, Erol usually treats himself to pie baked under a sač after a hard training.

- Foreigners are taken with ASDŽ Aščinica and the healthy meat, fruits and vegetables they can eat here. The restaurants Bon Appetit and Mala Kuhinja have a lot for sporty types, as does Karuzo, with its vegan menu.

He points out that 2,000-3,000 people will be running this year, 500 of whom will be coming from abroad. Foreigners are always delighted with Baščaršija, they enjoy the views from Sarajevo overlooks and take away a medal from the half-marathon, which is a great souvenir.