New address for Sarajevo’s winter fairy tale

Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market now open at Hastahana Park

This year’s Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market, the merriest winter event in town is open at a new location – Hastahana Park in Marijin Dvor (Maršala Tita bb).

The new location in the center of town is considerably larger than the previous venue and, from December 7, 2016 to January 14, 2017, it is here that the following holidays: Hanukkah, both Christmases and the New Year, according to both the Gregorian and Julian calendars, will be celebrated in Sarajevo at the end of this year and the beginning of the next.

The 6th Annual Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market will again feature little wooden cabins, where visitors will be able to purchase unique and attractive holiday gifts and hand-crafted items that are made locally, as well as to enjoy some refreshing warm beverages and delicious foods.

As in previous years, the PAN Winter Pub is sure to have the best atmosphere at the Sarajevo Holiday Market. Housed beneath a large tent, this little “tavern” will be hosting After Work Parties every afternoon for the duration of the Market, featuring performances by the Sarajevo Holiday Duo, and at night the Pub will serve as a venue for concerts, promotions, food tastings….

The outdoor shows held on the BH Telecom Ultra Stage will also lend to the atmosphere, with daily performances by the DJ, Santa Sister, as well as other performers, animators, mascots….

The Argeta Junior Play House will be set up for youngsters, who can have a good time while learning useful things. There is also the Jaffa Fun Park and the Coca-Cola Santa Claus Village, where visitors can look forward to some real magic.

The newest attraction at this year’s Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market is the Addiko Skating Rink, which will be offering free outdoor skating for the duration of Sarajevo’s 39-day winter fairy tale event.

The many other events and attractions will help create a fuller holiday season in Sarajevo, making this year’s Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market a winter fairy tale in the heart of Sarajevo and an attraction for local residents and visitors alike.

Just a reminder that the Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market is a joint project organized by U.G. ZUP Baščaršija and the Sarajevo Navigator Foundation, and was initially made possible with support from the USAID-Sida FIRMA Project and in cooperation with the City of Sarajevo.

This year’s Sarajevo Holiday Market is made possible through the generous support provided by Sarajevo’s Centar Municipality, with Nedžad Ajnadžić serving as Municipality Manager, as well as with major support from the Government of Sarajevo Canton.