Sarajevo – the perfect place for outdoor activities!

There are many attractive locations within just a 20-40 minute drive from the center of Sarajevo which are perfect for outdoor activities.

Author: Sarajevo Navigator

The Olympic Mountains – Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina – are excellent locations for winter sports and skiers at all levels can enjoy over 40 kilometers of ski lanes.

Štitni Do on Bjelašnica is a great place for those who love snowboarding, sledding and snowmobiling. Snowshoeing is another winter activity that is becoming increasingly popular in Sarajevo.

The mountains are less than 30 km from the city center, putting them within easy reach, and thanks to the reasonable prices, hospitality and breathtaking nature, every year they are becoming more attractive destinations.

The Olympic Mountains are also quite popular during spring and summer and are a real paradise for those who love hiking and mountaineering. The mountain villages, Umoljani and Lukomir are prime destinations for hiking enthusiasts. Here visitors can enjoy pristine nature and reward themselves after a trek by having a tasty meal in one of the village cabins.

Paragliding is becoming more popular among those who crave adrenaline rushes and there are a few extreme sports clubs up on Bjelašnica and Jahorina which offer these activities.

Sarajevo’s surrounding nature is perfect for mountain biking. So far there are approximately 50 kilometers of marked trails on Bjelašnica, Igman and Treskavica and the slopes around Sarajevo are ideal for taking a spin on some quads.

There are several horse-riding clubs which offer riding classes and the thrill of spending time with horses. There is also a lovely 6-hole golf course in nearby Slatina, and golf instructors are available for visitors.

Speleology enthusiasts can certainly make good use of the caves around Sarajevo, the most popular of which are Bijambare, Orlovača and Novakova.

These are just some of the activities that you can do while also enjoying the gorgeous and untouched nature that surrounds Sarajevo on all sides!