War Childhood Museum now open in Sarajevo

The War Childhood Museum is open in Sarajevo, at Logavina 32. The Museum‘s collection contain a number of personal belongings, stories, audio and video testimonies, photographs, letters, drawings and other documents offering valuable insight into the unique experience of growing up in wartime.

The mission of the War Childhood Museum is to continuously and in accordance to the highest standards document and digitize materials related to growing up in the war, and to present the archived materials throughout various media channels in order to educate a broad audience about this experience.

Among the Museums artefacts are objects as the first pointe shoes for ballet that their owner got during the war, a burned book that its owner saved from the Vijećnica, IKAR cans of processed meat along with a collection of packages of humanitarian aid food, the hand-made dolls, a small stove made out of gutters, a swing on which its owner, a little girl at the time, used to swing on in the basement, etc.

Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:00 am to 19:00 pm.