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  1. Dekanter


    Wine Bar

    Radićeva 4, Sarajevo | Map

    Wine Bar A wine bar with a unique ambience, a wine list featuring more than 180 labels from the best domestic and foreign vineyards, and where you can enjoy a special atmosphere and the smell of fine food.  More

  2. Gastro pub Vučko

    Gastro pub Vučko

    Pub / Bar

    Radićeva 10, Sarajevo | Map

    Pub / Bar Vučko Gastro Pub is a spot right in the center of town where you can enjoy, in a specific ambience, a wide range of drinks and delicious food which is sure to satisfy all tastes. More

  3. Kaiser knedle Sarajevo

    Kaiser knedle Sarajevo

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Bravadžiluk 26, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Knedle (dumplings) are sweets that enjoy the greatest popularity in Austria and Germany, and here you can try them at Kaiser Knedle, a new franchise in our city. Made according to original recipes, the dumplings are sure to win yo... More

  4. Libris


    Narghile bar

    Velika avlija 4, Sarajevo | Map

    Narghile bar Libris Café offers an innovative concept in a local spirit with a hint of the orient – it is an excellent mix of creativity and quality and has a laid-back atmosphere. More

  5. Mevlana


    Narghile bar

    Ćurčiluk veliki 24, Sarajevo | Map

    Narghile bar With its relaxed atmosphere and pleasant ambience, Mevlana is a nargila and caffe bar where you can enjoy the intense flavors of nargila, a cup of coffee or another refreshing beverage. More

  6. Talks & Giggles

    Talks & Giggles

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Hamdije Kreševljakovića 61, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Are you interested in conversation and laughter? Are you looking for something sweet or refreshing? The Talks & Giggles Team is always at your service. More

  7. Trezor


    Going out

    Kranjčevićeva bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Going out Trezor is a club that has good vibrations, and it’s a place where you will dance 'til dawn to top sound and light productions, along with the positive energy of the staff. More

  8. Underground Club

    Underground Club

    Going out

    Maršala Tita 56, Sarajevo | Map

    Going out Night life in Sarajevo has lots to offer and the top spot in the BiH capital for rock and roll fans is Underground Club. Located in the center of town, on Maršala Tita 45, Underground is known for its concerts and outstandi... More

  9. Vidikovac - Zmajevac

    Vidikovac - Zmajevac

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Zmajevac bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Vidikovac is a cafe and restaurant that many visit to enjoy a respite for the soul, have a break over coffee or try the delicious specialties, all while enjoying a spectacular view of Sarajevo. More

  10. YU Caffe

    YU Caffe

    Pub / Bar

    Mala aleja do br. 28, Sarajevo | Map

    Pub / Bar Yu Cafe's interior is inspired by the golden times of ex-Yugoslavia. The cafe offers a large drinks selection and the everlasting sounds of ex-Yu pop rock hits. More