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  1. Cream Shop

    Cream Shop

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Trgovke 2, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Cream Shop is the perfect spot to make a break and enjoy delicious sweets in the company of family or friends. More

  2. Dekanter


    Wine Bar

    Radićeva 4, Sarajevo | Map

    Wine Bar A wine bar with a unique ambience, a wine list featuring more than 180 labels from the best domestic and foreign vineyards, and where you can enjoy a special atmosphere and the smell of fine food.  More

  3. Elements


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Trg djece Sarajeva 1 (BBI Center), Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Elements is a place where you can relax and catch your breath, or have a tasty meal with friends or business partners. More

  4. Gonul Kahvesi Stari Grad

    Gonul Kahvesi Stari Grad

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Timurhanova 3, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie At Gönül Kahvesi you will enjoy an impressive panoramic view of Sarajevo, and a cup of fine coffee, Turkish tea or some sweets. More

  5. Igman Bar

    Igman Bar

    Cafe / Patisserie, Cafe Restaurant

    Džemala Bijedića 169A (15th floor), Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie, Cafe Restaurant Located on the 15th floor of the ibis Styles Hotel tower block, Igman Bar is a cafe-restaurant and vantage point with a laid-back ambience, as well as a view of Sarajevo’s urban panorama and the Olympic Mountain this facilit... More

  6. Jazzbina Sarajevo

    Jazzbina Sarajevo


    Maršala Tita 38, Sarajevo | Map

    Club Jazzbina Sarajevo is a club in the center of town that has been designed to serve as a refuge for those who love to have the best of times while enjoying even better live music. More

  7. Kaiser knedle Sarajevo

    Kaiser knedle Sarajevo

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Bravadžiluk 26, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Knedle (dumplings) are sweets that enjoy the greatest popularity in Austria and Germany, and here you can try them at Kaiser Knedle, a new franchise in our city. Made according to original recipes, the dumplings are sure to win yo... More

  8. Kamarija Point of View

    Kamarija Point of View

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Pod bedemom bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Kamarija Point of View is a unique spot in the old part of town where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sarajevo. More

  9. Kilim


    Cafe Restaurant

    Hrasnička cesta 3, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe Restaurant With its unique ambience, the concept cafe/restaurant, Kilim, is a place for relaxing and having a good time over a cup of fine coffee, or enjoying some delicious specialties in the company of family or business partners. More

  10. Kolobara Han

    Kolobara Han

    Cafe / Patisserie, Outdoor cafe & bar, Cafe Restaurant

    Sarači 52, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie, Outdoor cafe & bar, Cafe Restaurant While it is located in the heart of Baščaršija, Kolobara Han is a real little oasis of peace.  More

  11. Lokmas


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Kundurdžiluk 11, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Lokmas is a cafe-sweet shop that is unique for being the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to offer lokmas – delicious sweets that go all the way back to the courts of sultans. More

  12. Mahala


    Narghile bar

    Bravadžiluk bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Narghile bar After you’ve tried ćevapčići, pita or some of the sweets featured in Sarajevo’s diverse culinary offering, narghile may well be your next stop! Mahala Hookah Bar is a real oasis of peace where you can enjoy the intense... More

  13. Moj Cafe

    Moj Cafe

    Cafe / Patisserie, Pub / Bar

    Trg fra Grge Martića, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie, Pub / Bar Moj Café is a spot right in the very center of town where you can drink a daily coffee, have a business meeting or enjoy a relaxing night out. More

  14. Mr. Charlie Chaplin

    Mr. Charlie Chaplin

    Pub / Bar

    Bihaćka 19, Sarajevo | Map

    Pub / Bar If you’d like to spend time with friends in a pleasant and laid-back atmosphere, whether for a night out, for a daily coffee or during a break from work or university, Charlie Chaplin is just the spot for you. More

  15. Mrvica


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Paromlinska 53H, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Mrvica Bakery Cafe is a must-see place for all true gourmets. More