Six unusual places where you can drink some excellent coffee

For Sarajevans, drinking coffee is a real ritual, and you will be spoiled for choice by the number of places where you can drink different varieties of this beverage. However, here we'll present a list of six spots you may have planned on visiting because of their original function, without knowing that you can have a unique experience and feel the true spirit of Sarajevo.

Updated: 2019/07/22

A large number of Sarajevans will probably look at you oddly if you tell them that you are heading to one of these places to take a break from the passersby, big crowds and noise and to enjoy a coffee. Also, don’t be surprised if people at an adjacent table, whom you’ve never seen before in your life, approach you to offer more information about the sight or another topic related to the city – Sarajevans simply love to be good hosts.

All of these places are located in the heart of the old town, and you can visit them even if you will be in Sarajevo for only one day.


1. Emperor’s Mosque

The beautiful interior of Sarajevo’s oldest mosque is definitely one of the reasons to visit, and you can finish your tour with some Bosnian coffee, which is served in the mosque's lovely and spacious courtyard (harem). Be sure that what you're wearing is suitable for visiting such a place of worship.

Emperor's Mosque

2. Museum of Literature and Performing Arts

The museum offers interesting permanent exhibits on major authors and literary works from the region, it often hosts exhibits and promotions, and, on summer days, you can enjoy a coffee, homemade juices, a nip of fine wine or some domestic brandy in the museum's courtyard. Taking a break here, with the flowery garden and fountain, next to a building that is a national monument and a witness to Sarajevo's rich past, is sure to serve as a lovely memory from your trip.

Museum of Literature and Performing Arts

3. Sevdah Art House

Sevdalinkas are traditional Bosnian-Herzegovinian urban love songs and are part of a tradition that Sarajevans are particularly proud of, and this facility preserves them. After going through the museum, be sure to have your own sevdah coffee in the central area, and relax by listening to some wonderful melodies.

Sevdah Art House

4. Gazi Husrev Bey Library

Gazi Husrev Bey Library dates all the way back to 1537, which was also the time of the madrasa's founding. After having a look at what was part of Gazi Husrev Bey's endowment, including objects that are must-see attractions during your first stay in Sarajevo, we recommend going for a coffee or juice in the calm courtyard of the Gazi Husrev Bey Museum and Library.

Gazi Husrev Bey Library

5. Old Orthodox Church

Another must-see place of worship that has a rich and interesting history, as well as a museum that holds priceless icons and other objects in its collection. There are many thoughts on how the Old Orthodox Church was founded, and the kind custodians will be happy to provide more information over a cup of coffee in their garden. This is another place of worship where you should make sure that your attire is suitable for entering.


Old Orthodox Church

6. Yellow Fortress

Yellow Fortress is one of the fortifications that were part of the bulwark around the old town of Vratnik. It is located on Jekovac, an overlook above Kovači Cemetery, and offers a wonderful view of the city, making it well worth the walk up the steep street. In the summertime, it serves as a venue for a hospitality facility that is in the style of an old Bosnian house with traditional furniture, where you can drink some Bosnian coffee or another refreshing beverage.

Yellow Fortress