Savor some Bosnian coffee and Turkish delight

The importance given to the ritual of drinking coffee in Bosnia and Herzegovina is reflected in the many different names there are for each coffee, depending on the situation: razgalica (first morning coffee), dočekuša (welcoming), razgovoruša (starting a conversation), sikteruša (a sign that the socializing has come to an end)....


Whether finely ground or pounded in a dibek (a large stone mortar and pestle), the coffee is boiled in a special copper vessel called a džezva and the traditional coffee set (kahveni takum) includes a tabla (tray), šećerluk (sugar holder) and fildžani (demitasses without handles).

The coffee is served with Turkish delight (rahatlokum) and drunk slowly with ćejf (equivalent to savoring every moment spent sipping)! Know that an invitation to drink coffee in Sarajevo is seen as a chance to get together and talk.

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