Enjoy a view from one of the vantage points around town

Located in a valley, Sarajevo is nestled among mountains and hills, so it's necessary to head up to higher ground in order to catch a view and get one's bearings, but it won't be a problem to find a suitable vantage point where you can enjoy a view of Sarajevo.


Whether you decide to reach one, like Hecco Deluxe Hotel's restaurant, Žuta Tabija, Avaz Twist Tower… by walking a short distance in town; or make more of an effort by climbing all the way up to Bijela Tabija, Hrid, Hošin Brijeg, Sedrenik, Zmajevac..., you're sure to enjoy the view.

In the end, the most impressive view of the city is probably from one of the overlooks on Mt. Trebević, which is also where a large amount of Sarajevo’s old town is nestled.

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