Top five Sarajevo attractions according to TripAdvisor

Sarajevo is known for its hospitality, food, lovely nature and cultural attractions from various periods, and here we offer a list of the top sights in our city according to TripAdvisor, the world's most visited tourism portal.


Baščaršija, the old city center, is listed as the most interesting destination – the heart and soul of Sarajevo, as many call it – where, in 1460, Isa Bey Ishaković laid the city’s foundations and built the first inn and shops, and where the city's greatest benefactor, Gazi Husrev Bey, had major objects built between 1521 and 1541.

Today, besides his mosque, madrasa, library, khaniqah..., Baščaršija's sights include: Vijećnica, Brusa Bezistan, Sahat Kula, Sebilj, the Old Orthodox Church, the Jewish Museum..., and a legend says that those who drink water from Baščaršija will return to our city.

At the end of the 16th century Baščaršija had 40 distinct bazaars named after the guilds operating there. To this day, some streets have retained the old names, and the most popular souvenirs are authentic products made by artisans.

War memorials

The Tunnel of Hope is in second place. Dug beneath the airport runway on July 30, 1993, it was the only link between Sarajevo and the outside world until the Siege ended in February 1996.

Thanks to the tunnel, the city had access to food supplies, oil and electricity, and, after the war, part of this narrow tunnel was turned into one of the most visited city museums, which testifies to the longest siege of any city in modern history.

Located next to the Cathedral of Jesus' Sacred Heart, Gallery 11/07/95 is a memorial gallery that preserves the memory of the genocide of July 11, 1995, when 8,372 people were killed in the town of Srebrenica in Eastern Bosnia.

Besides the permanent documentary exhibition, which testifies to these tragic events through photography, videos and audio guides in 12 languages, the museum also regularly hosts exhibits.

Sport and Nature

The natural attraction that garners the most attention is the natural monument, Vrelo Bosne, at about 15 km from the center of Sarajevo, in the residential area of Ilidža, at the foot of Igman.

You can start your lovely walk to Vrelo Bosne from the hotel-spa complex, which was built by Austro-Hungarian authorities for its medicinal sulphur waters, then continue with a horse-drawn carriage or bike along Velika Aleja, a lane lined with plane and chestnut trees.

Once you arrive, enjoy the rush of water at the source of the Bosna, lakes with swans, and freshly caught trout, which are on the menu of the restaurant.

Built on Trebević for the ‘84 WOG, the luge and bob sled track found itself on the front lines during the Siege of the 1990s, when it was destroyed.

With the renovation of the cable car, Trebević is being revisited, the track is visited by graffiti artists, extreme sports lovers and those who like taking great photos.


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