Visit the site of the Sarajevo Assassination

Probably one of the most well known locations in Sarajevo is at the bridge, Latinska Ćuprija, where Zelenih Beretki St. and Obala Kulina Bana meet.


It was here at this spot that Gavrilo Princip, a member of the revolutionary organization, Young Bosna, assassinated the Austro-Hungarian Heir Apparent, Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, on June 28, 1914.

The incident, known throughout history as the Sarajevo Assassination, was the primary catalyst for the beginning of the First World War, one of the bloodiest tragedies in human history.

The assassination was carried out right in front of what was then a shop named “Schiller's”, and the building now houses the Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918.

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