Try some delicious local specialties

While there may be a danger of gaining some extra kilos as you enjoy Bosnian food, it would be a shame not to try some delicious local specialties during your stay in Sarajevo.


You can try traditional meals at aščinicas, traditional “fast food” eateries, where we recommend trying Sarajevo sahan and Bosanski lonac (Bosnian pot).

Enjoy some different kinds of pita (phyllo dough pie filled with meat, vegetables or cheese) at buregdžinicas and order some of the famous Sarajevo ćevapčići and other tasty grilled meat at ćevabdžinicas.

At slastičarnas you can try many different kinds of sweets, such as baklava, ružica, hurmašica..., as well as traditional drinks, like boza and salep.

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