The protected natural areas of Sarajevo Canton

The protected natural areas of Sarajevo Canton are rich in flora and fauna, are geomorphologically and hydrologically diverse, and there are plenty of options for an adventure vacation in nature, making them favorite year-round destinations for both Sarajevans and visitors.


At the eastern entrance to Sarajevo is Bentbaša, an area of about 160 ha which includes Toplik Cave, the Jekovac rock and plateau, Isa Bey’s Tekke, as well as Sarajevo’s oldest walking lane along the Miljacka River Canyon, where diplomats who have served in BiH planted more than 150 lindens along the tree-lined Ambassador’s Lane.

This will lead you to Dariva and Babin Zub, the rock where Sarajevo’s rock climbing history got started, as well as to the Mošćanica River Valley, Šehova Korija with its dervish tombstones, the source of Abu Hayat; and the 16th century Goat Bridge built on Carska Džada, the road that ran to the seat of the Ottoman Empire.

Brus & Sunnyland

In just eight minutes, the cable car will take you from Bistrik to the “lungs of Sarajevo” – the protected area of Mt. Trebević – which you can also reach on foot by passing through Sarajevo mahalas, or by bike or car.

After walking through the deep forests, touring the war-devastated bob sled track built for the 1984 WOG or the former Čolina Kapa Observatory, be sure to refresh yourself at Pino Nature and Level Up Hotels; and the restaurants, Trebevićki Raj, Vila Andrea or Jure Franko Mountain Lodge.

Brus on Trebević is the outing spot that offer quad riding, tubing, a play area and mini zoo; and the Sunnyland Amusement Park has its zipline and Alpine Coaster, with a gorgeous view of Sarajevo.

You can reach the Skakavac natural monument, which covers 1,430 ha around the 98-meter-high waterfall of the same name, by passing through Nahorevo. You can come to the waterfall by walking through the forest, and you can rest in the Promaja mountain cabin.

Lakes and caves

On Sarajevo's southwest end, in Ilidža, a residential area known for ages for its spa tourism, there is Vrelo Bosne, a natural monument at the foot of Mt. Igman, with lovely walking lanes, the source to the Bosna River, lakes with swans, rest areas and a restaurant that serves its house specialty - fresh river trout.

Come by car on the Sarajevo-Mostar highway (M-17), take a left at St. Sava's Church in Blažuj; or come by foot or carriage via the chestnut and plain tree-lined Velika Aleja in Ilidža.

Covering 497 ha, the protected landscape Bijambare is located between the villages of Nišići and Krivajevići in the Municipality of Ilijaš, and can be reached via the Sarajevo-Tuzla highway.

Here visitors have attractions like the famous Bijambare Cave, which is full of stalactites; the Bjelila and Bradić Streams, with a lake and water mill; as well as the Mramorje stecći necropolis; plus there's the touristic train, a restaurant, biking and walking trails, playgrounds....