We took a peek at the new cool spot for coffee and tea lovers

With its varied selection, the newly opened Franck Experience Store offers its visitors a unique experience of coffee, tea, and other warm and cold beverages, which could make this spot in the city center a favorite for anyone into new developments and the latest trends in the diverse world of coffee and tea. Visitors can expect a personalized approach and a program involving organized tastings, brewing workshops designed to further promote both coffee and tea culture, and an education for professional baristas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Quality coffee and tea enthusiasts have just been given their own special space in the very center of Sarajevo. To mark the 130th anniversary in business, a new and exclusive Franck Experience Store has been opened in the center of Sarajevo, at Strossmayerova Street 1; the store offers a personalized approach and a unique experience of premium coffee, tea, and coffee substitutes. The varied offer includes single-origin and beloved specialty coffees roasted and ground on demand, a large selection of fine teas and hot chocolate, unique aromas of coffee prepared in many different ways, as well as refreshing nonalcoholic cocktails with good-quality teas or coffees.

Sarajevo’s Strossmayerova Street has thus been given another popular spot where any lover of quality coffee, tea, and coffee substitute can find something for themselves. The interior of the Franck Experience Store has been designed to be functional and, at the same time, symbolic of a story of high-quality products that consumers have been identifying with Franck for 130 years now.
Great emphasis was put on creating a unique consumer experience and an impression of the Franck brand, with innovative market trends apparent in high-quality roasting, storage, and coffee preparation technologies. The space houses a café, shop, and Barista Academy.

The diverse world of coffee

Coffee is a one of the best-loved beverages on the planet, and it is a known fact that people of Bosnia and Herzegovina love their coffee, an integral part of any get-together. It comes as no surprise then that we consume more than seven kilos of coffee per capita each year. To enjoy your daily coffee cup in full, you need to know two varieties of coffee, the Arabica and the Robusta. Most likely, you have already tasted both of those varieties or a blend of the two, but the best blends of exclusive premium coffees are now available to all in the very heart of Sarajevo, at Strossmayerova 1.

The Arabica has a milder, more distinct, and sweeter aroma, and constitutes around 70 percent of the global coffee production, mostly in African and South American countries, with Brazil being the world’s largest producer of this particular variety of coffee. Unlike the Robusta, this variety has a lower caffeine content, but is more difficult to grow, which accounts for its higher market price. On the other hand, the Robusta, as its name suggests, is more robust and durable than the Arabica. It grows at lower altitudes of up to 700 meters, and is able to endure more sun and higher temperatures. This coffee variety is grown in Asia and Africa. Vietnam is the world’s biggest producer of the Robusta.

This is what we have learned, together with some other interesting coffee details, by talking to the manager of the Franck Experience Store, an exclusive place to experience top-quality coffee, tea, and coffee substitutes. The store was launched on the 130th anniversary of the founding of Franck.

“With 130 years of tradition and production facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, opening such a store was the logical next step for Franck. By launching this space, we wanted to expand horizons and show people what coffee can be, familiarize them with the various flavors, aromas, and different ways to prepare coffee that bring out the unique aromas and notes hiding in the coffee beans, so anyone can find the exact aroma that best suits them. Also, an important element of drinking coffee is the experience of enjoying the specific coffee aromas, and that is exactly what we offer here,” said store manager Azra Dizdar.

Franck Experience Store – a café, shop, and academy for professional baristas

There is a growing number of coffee consumers who are well aware of its quality, and coffee has become much more than a cup of hot beverage in the morning. And the staff at the store understands this. Still, besides being an answer to the city’s urban needs and the coffee culture that is quite unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Franck Experience Store is also an exclusive concept, where, in a single place, you can enjoy a cup of special coffee, sip on refreshing, sugar-free nonalcoholic cocktails with either coffee or fine teas, choose from a varied selection of Franck Cappuccino flavors either hot or warm, and taste a select offer of new and beloved coffees that you can have ground to your preferred home brewing method, while the staff readily answer any questions that you might have. Anyway, first things first.

A varied selection of premium coffees for all palates

For starters, the Franck Experience Store is a gathering spot in the very heart of Sarajevo, where the visitors are able to choose from a wide selection of coffees by well-known espresso brands, including Superiore, Streetto, and 125 Years Espresso, single-origin ground coffees, or distinct specialty coffees made to order.

“I would like to highlight the following specialty coffees: Peru, Indonesia, and Kenya. Kenya is one of the world’s most acclaimed and priciest coffees. It is grown on the slopes of Mount Kenya, known for very fertile volcanic soil that produces a more complex and rich-flavored coffee. It boasts a silky body of medium intensity and a caramel sweetness, as well as the natural notes of cacao, apricot, peach, berries, currant, and cranberry,” explained Dizdar, adding that specialty coffees were part of Franck’s master cupper’s authorial selection, available in limited quantities.

“Experts at the Franck Development Laboratory experiment with aromas and flavors of coffee sourced from the top plantations around the world, and the best blends then go on the shelves of the Franck Store. Indonesia, Kenya, Peru… These are all exclusive coffees with a proof of origin. Each of these attractive packages comes with its own declaration of origin stating the coffee’s country of origin, altitude it was grown at, and the plantation it was sourced from. Moreover, each package contains top-quality hand-picked coffee beans roasted with special care. Enjoying the taste of a specialty coffee is an unrivalled experience of indulging in first-class coffee,” added Dizdar.

For at-home coffee ritual

Those who wish to take the aroma of a high-quality coffee to their homes can stop by the Franck Experience Store, which offers several different kinds of coffee, some of which have only just become available on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Our offer includes blends of Arabica and Robusta. Here at the store, we can help you choose coffees, as well as teas and any other product on offer that will best suit your taste,” said Azra while showing us the shelved products.

Here, you can also find single-origin premium coffees, which include only coffees from the countries whose names they bear, such as Franck Guatemala or Colombia. More specifically, single-origin coffees are usually grown within one recognized geographical area, which may be as small as a single plantation. Accordingly, such coffees boast specific flavors, which are the result of their respective regions of origin and their climatic conditions. On the other side of the store are products that are commercially better known and available in other retail stores.

The store’s offer also includes accessories such as cups, vacuum flasks, džezvas or Turkish coffee pots, teapots, and other hot beverage equipment that you can order via our webshop at shop.franck.ba.

Tea connoisseurs can choose from a varied selection of teas, including our premium line of Superiore teas. An integral part of the offer are coffee substitutes, including Divka, Kneipp and Bianka instant coffee substitutes, and hot chocolates. Lastly, the store offers a practical at-home coffee maker that uses freshly ground coffee in filter packs.

The special quality of the offer

Besides the flavor of the coffee, whenever this particular beverage is mentioned, most of us remember its intoxicating and rich aroma, equally important for the full coffee experience. The Franck Experience Store in Sarajevo also offers coffee grinding services for different consumption methods. Coffee beans are ground before the customers’ very eyes for several different ways of coffee preparation, depending on whether the customers prefer the Moka pot, French press, classic espresso, or Turkish coffee pot, the latter requiring finely ground coffee.

The store also boasts a novelty that makes it unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The four Azomico silos are a special addition to Franck’s space at Strossmayerova 1, ensuring that the coffee beans remain fresh and are ground on the spot, depending on the preferred method of preparation. The silos themselves are filled with nitrogen, which prevents spoilage and preserves the rich flavors of the coffee beans. There is also a small-volume Pentroncini Briciola roaster, where coffee is roasted onsite so that the space exudes the fine aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

“Regarding selling coffee beans in bulk, they are stored using nitrogen to ensure maximum freshness. Whenever a customer wishes to purchase some coffee, we put the beans in the container. We can also grind the coffee additionally,” explained the staff at the store.

Workshops and seminars are being prepared

Besides the hospitality part of the store, where you can enjoy different beverages, or the part where the store’s entire offer is available for purchase, there is also a special part of the store in Strossmayerova Street intended for educating young baristas and hospitality staff from around the country.

This is the Franck Barista Academy for the education and further training on barista skills and knowledge, which will strengthen and enhance the barista scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, the Franck Experience Store is planning on organizing workshops on beverage preparation to further promote both coffee and tea culture. Even though the focus is largely on coffee, the store offers a varied assortment of teas.

The standards of coffee, knowledge about coffee, and coffee tastings have clearly improved, at the same time raising the consumers’ expectations. Sarajevo’s Strossmayerova Street and the Franck Experience Store have become a must-visit destination for all true coffee lovers.