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  • As you head toward Sarači St. from Baščaršija Square, Prote Bakovića is the first street on your right, and runs perpendicular to the tram line and Mula Mustafe Bašeskije St.

    It was first laid out during the Ottoman period and, until 1913, it formed a cul-de-sac on what is now Mula Mustafe Bašeskije St., known then as Čemaluša.

    After an outlet was made onto Sarači, it was named Protina St., after the parish and archpriest (prota), Stevan Baković (1797-1893), who had lived on this street and was one of the most prominent and beloved figures of his time.

    It is said that he couldn’t even pass through čaršija without the craftsmen calling him over to treat him to at least a coffee, which he was happy to drink beneath the awnings of the shops.

    The street has borne its current name since 1931 and is now a little gastronomical paradise, as many popular restaurants are found here. One of them is Dveri, so don't miss to visit them.