Top spots for fun during the Sarajevo Film Festival

The largest film festival in the region, the 23rd Annual Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), will run from August 11 to 18 and the city will be full of different parties during that time.

Once again, Skenderija will be one of the top spots to have a good time. For years now it has earned the title of being one of the most interesting parts of Sarajevo while the SFF is running.

The atmosphere in the city will get revved up before the SFF actually starts, with DJ Mahmut Orhan’s Indie Dance/Nu Disco and Deep House show at Dom Mladih on August 10.

The following will be giving concerts from August 11 to 17 at Dom Mladih’s dance hall and amphitheater: Letu Štuke, Skroz, Elemental, Bad Copy, Zoster, Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Martin Kremser, Hibrid, Sijah i Kolenda, Gift, Disko Gripa vs. Džemo Brown, Tilawa Project, Weedran, DaMzaH, Insani u Membrani and Starbridge.

Visitors can enjoy Lord Somersby’s Bridge, a manifestation held on Skenderija Bridge (a pedestrian bridge, also known as Eiffel’s Bridge). This year there will be concerts by: Stereo MCs, Perpetuum Mobile, Frenkie Kontra & Indigo, Sister Soul & The Blaxperts, The Babe Barbarella, Gitarinet Groove Sistem, Sassja and Magnifico.

S-One Sky Bar organizes a series of parties during the SFF as part of its The Sky Is the Limit program, with the shows on the rooftop of Courtyard by Marriott provided by: DJ Jasmina, DJ Hator, El Mano, La Faja Jr, DrumJay, Insani u Membrani, Baggi and After Affair.

From August 11 to 19 Monument will be holding its Monument Music Fest, with performances by the following: Fikusi & PNA, Sunday Stories, Merita & Hector, Drumelody & Guests, ProRocks, Balkaneros & Lidija Kordić, Anchy & the Moondogs, Dunja Fazlić & Lokomotiva and Helem Nejse.

Underground will be organizing its Sarajevo Rock Fest from August 11 to 19. This year’s edition will include a contest (Aug. 14-16) for the first time and the following groups will be performing: Zona Iskljuchenja, ProRocks, Helem Nejse, Konvoj, Pochko and New Primitives and Futavci.

On August 12, the Historical Museum will host the party, Garden of Dreams, with a show by German DJ H.O.S.H., and the sevdah band, Divanhana, will be performing the same day at Pivnica HS.

The legendary Laibach 16, an avant-garde music group from Slovenia, is coming to the Bosnian Cultural Center on August 16.

The cult Sarajevo club, Cinemas Sloga, is a place where you are sure to find good fun and to enjoy performances by the following musicians during the Sarajevo Film Festival: Lijepi Brener Bend, DJ Arsa, Neno Murić, Berin Buturović, Adis Škaljo....

Nebuloza Bend, Crveni Karton, Sarajevo Blues Bang, Crossroad Band, Bluesa, and Acoustic Electric Band will be playing at Jazzbina.

From August 11 to 18, Kutcha Concept Store will be organizing Brew Parties every day starting at 2:00 p.m. Craft brewers will be on hand and DJ Hator will be in charge of providing some good vibes here on August 13.

Club Mash, which is located right next to Trg Festivala (Festival Square) beside the National Theater, is a must-visit place for those who love good music. Many interesting events await you at the following clubs: Silver & Smoke, Aquarius Vils, Pro ROCK Johnny, Mr. Kan, Charlie Chaplin and Studio 1.

You can enjoy tambura orchestras at Pivnica HS, Park Prinčeva and Pivnica Sarajevo. The latter will be hosting Damir Nikšić on August 14, when you can have a few laughs at the Evening of Stand-Up Comedy.

During the Sarajevo Film Festival, art lovers can enjoy some major exhibits: An Allegory of Bosnia, a retrospective exhibit on works by Bosnian artist, Mersad Berber in Vijećnica, and The Vanity of Small Differences by Grayson Perry at the National Gallery of BiH. Plenty of other installations will be on display at 23 museums throughout Sarajevo.

The Sarajevo Summer Market will be taking place at Trg Djece Sarajeva (in front of BBI Center) from August 1 to 31. This promotional bazaar will present original local products, so it is just the place to pick up the perfect Sarajevo souvenirs.

All in all, during these eight festival days, great fun can be found on almost every corner in Sarajevo.

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