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  1. Kulovića



    Kulovića, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Kulovića Street is located in the center of Sarajevo. Running south to north, it passes along the western side of the National Theater, intersects Branilaca Sarajeva St. and connects two larger roads, Obala Kulina Bana and Mar&sca... More

  2. Kundurdžiluk



    Kunduržiluk, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Kundurdžiluk Street starts at the pharmacy on Zelenih Beretki St. and extends east all the way to Abadžiluk St., running along the southern side of Brusa Bezistan.  More

  3. Luledžina



    Luledžina, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Luledžina Street begins somewhere in the middle of Kazandžiluk St., then runs north to form a small square before branching off further.  More

  4. Maršala Tita

    Maršala Tita


    Maršala Tita, Sarajevo | Map

    Street During the Ottoman period, the road that would later become Maršala Tita was divided into several parts. More

  5. Mudželiti Veliki & Mali

    Mudželiti Veliki & Mali


    Mudželiti Veliki, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Mudželiti Veliki Street runs along the western wall of the courtyard of Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque, from Kundurdžiluk St. in the south to Sarači St. in the north. More

  6. Oprkanj



    Oprkanj, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Oprkanj Street is located east of Baščaršija Square and runs south-north, from Bravadžiluk St. to Telali St., and its upper, northern extent comes into contact with the eastern end of Luledžina St. More

  7. Radićeva



    Radićeva, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Radićeva is located in the center of Sarajevo, running south to north, from Obala Kulina Bana to Maršala Tita and crossing Branilaca Sarajeva St. and Mis Irbina St. near BBI Center. More

  8. Štrosmajerova



    Štrosmajerova, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Štrosmajerova Street runs north-south, from Zelenih Beretki St. to the spot where Ferhadija St. and Trg Fra Grge Martića meet in front of the Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart.  More

  9. Tabaci



    Tabaci, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Tabaci Street runs parallel to Obala Kulina Bana St., from Abadžiluk St. all the way to the parking area next to Vijećnica and the intersection where Bravadžiluk St. runs into Brodac St.  More