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5. FMCG Summit Sarajevo


17.04.19 / 09:00
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FMCG Summit Sarajevo has been a central place for the past few years and the biggest annual event for the Bosnia and Herzegovina trade sector, which has gathered more than 500 participants each year.

The fifth consecutive FMCG Summit Sarajevo, which will be held this year 17.04.2019. in the Hills Hotel, Ilidža, aims to bring the latest trends in the country and the region, as well as to enable business bonding. At the 5th FMCG Summit, they will talk about internationalization and about the prospects of Western markets when it comes to BiH. In the competitive world of the FMCG industry, strong and decisive leaders are key to opening the way to a successful future. These leaders must have a unique approach to solving problems and use their initiative to find innovative solutions. To keep up with competition, retail and commodity leaders must be ready for co-operation, creativity, and acceptance of trends and challenges.

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