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Amar Kay & Dizzy Dee

Summer Lounge | Party

24 Aug / 22:00
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Amar Kay is a Techno DJ and producer from Sarajevo. With over ten years on the clubbing scene, Dino Dizdarević is definitely one of the more popular DJs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Better known by his moniker “Dizzy Dee”, he spends his weekends spinning his eclectic house set in the best clubs and events all over the country.
Crazed with the technical side of DJing, he shows off his skills every year as the resident DJ of the ultra-popular Mediterranean Lounge Bar, sharing the decks with some of the most renowned DJs in the world during the Sarajevo Film Festival.
He spends the rest of his summers playing hot summer cuts at beach parties along the Adriatic coast.

He earned his stripes working as a resident DJ at Sarajevo’s The Club. Now he’s pushing the boundaries of his musical expression with the project “Getanea” which combines DJing with live instruments and a vocalist.

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